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Dansen 2003

Hole In The Head Neville Fitzgerald
  Jubilee Stroll Diana Jackson
  Mambo Italiano Kate Sala
  Just Wanna Dance (Partner) Bill Gallagher
  Because Of You Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Stitch It Up Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Baila Casanova Peter M. & Alison B.
  Yippe I-A Mark & Jan Caley
  Adams Ale Rob Fowler
  Wave On Wave Alan G. Birchall
  Wanna Be Me Ed Lawton
  Funky Cha Cha Barry Durand
  White Flag Allison J. Austerberry
  Charleston Step Gert W. & Susanne S.
  I Wanna Know Maggie Gallagher
  MMMBop Kelly Kaylin
  Mariana Mambo Kate Sala
  Zoom Zoom Chriss Hodgson
  Born To Run (To Me) Steve Mason
  Blue Beyond Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Sweet Little Dangerous Pete Harkness
  On The Water Pete Harkness
  Bye Bye (Piccolissima) Kate Sala
  Never, Never Larry Bass
  Jack's Back Patricia E. Stott & Mike C.
  Sundown Waltz Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Ain't No Way Jan Brookfield
  Romantasy Peter M. & Alison B.
  Serenity Masters In Line
  Hombre Max Perry
  Who 'Nose' What Spirit Stephen Howard
  Sexy Stir Fry Guyton Mundy & CJ
  Forever Dance Bill Bader
  Porushka Poranya Gary Lafferty
  Apple Jack (onbekend)
  Feet Don't Fail Me Now Peter M.
  in-Vince-ible Peter M. & Alison B.
  I Love Corina Eric Tan
  Just Adios Fons Muller
  Hop Scotch Rick & Deborah Bates
  Jazzy Jamai Roy, Raymond, Darren
  Flying Scotsman John Sahrman & Peter C.
  La Tenga Kate Sala
  Outlow Romp D.J. Lansaw
  Rock My World-DJ's Alan G. Birchall
  Haley's Comet Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Take A Breather Maggie Gallagher
  Evergreen Karen Hunn
  Smooth Operator Peter Metelnick
  Don't Fight It Maggie Gallagher
  Ka-Ching Zandra Varnham
  Closer Mary Kelly
  Miss-Iss-ippi Robbie M. & Kate S.
  Somebody Like You Alan Birchall
  Cha Cha D'Amour Steve Mason
  Chihuachua Yvonne Anderson
  Hifi Hi Paula J. Graves
  The Break Maggie Gallagher
  Brokenheartsville Peter Metelnick
  World Of Blue Caz Mawbey
  Irresistible! Peter M. & Alison B.
  Do Your Thing B & D, A Amato, M-P, K-H
  Juanita Andrew P. Simon J. Sheila C
  River Of Dreams Charlotte Skeeters
  Vivacious ShaBeBa
  Wrapped Around Masters In Line
  Donnigan's Reel Maggie Gallagher
  Empty Dreams Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Wonderfull One Dan Albro
  Love Me Tender Patricia E. Stott
  Love Me Tender (partner) Patricia E. Sott
  Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson
  Dancing Violins Maggie Gallagher
  Lucille Maggie Gallagher
  Shakatak Kate Sala
  Roll Back (and dance) Bill Bader
  7th Wonder Cha Daniel Whittaker
  Southern Delight Rossella C-L & Fred Lord
  Between Dances Maggie Gallagher
  José Cuervo '97 Max Perry
  Blanket Cover Teresa L. & Vera F.
  Going To The Chapel Masters In Line
  Party Time Bill Larson
  First Love Gerda Klein
  My Little Bitty John Jg.
  Just A Kiss Robbie McGowan Hickie
  I'm Gonna Getcha Good David J. McDonagh
  Kiss Me Honey Maggie G. & John D.
  Tail Gating James "Jimbo" K. & Team
  Funky Freeze Rob Fowler
  Will You Love Me Martin Ritchie
  Mysterious Girl Peter Andre
  Cowgirls Do Rodger Tayler
  If You Fons Muller
  Splish Splash Jo Thompson
  Love's Calling Steve Yocall
  Cadillac Slide Cathy Montgomery


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