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Dansen 2002

I'm Alive Keith Strode
  Teach Me To Dance Dawn Sherlock
  Rock 'N Roll Bride Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Sad Cha Cha (partner) 1  2 Dan Testa
  Jumpin' Jamboree (JJ Polka) Dave Getty
  Instant Radiation Andrew Palmer & Simon C.
  Junction Twist Barry Durand
  Dancin' On A Saturday Night Maggie Gallagher
  Na Mara (The Sea) Maggie Gallagher
  Island Station Nord (partner) Vicki E. Rader
  Dedicated Drinker Kate Sala & Geri Morrison
  Crazy For You Patricia E. Stott
  Blue Finger Lou Max Perry & A.T Kinson
  It's Okay  David J. McDonagh
  Dancers Den! Chris Hodgson
  Say What Alan "Renegade" Livett
  Tomorrow Never Comes Karl "The Spirit" Cregeen
  Rainy Nights Jay R
  Dr. Jones Kim Thijssens
  That's Allright With Me Kathrine Strand Hammond
  Shake Your Tailfatter (1) (2) Maggie Gallagher
  Silver Shadow (partner) Tony And Sandy Tombs
  I Said I Love You Teresa & Vera
  The Bug Onbekend
  Sumthin' Else Kelli Haugen
  Razor Sharp Stephen Sunter
  @The Hop Carmel Hutchinson
  Second Fiddle Robbie McGowan Hickie
  Peace Train Julie Molkner
  Fallin' In Love With You John Warners
  Queen Of My Heart Gary Lafferty
  California Blue Jean Bridgeman
  What's Happenin' Rob Fowler & Dynamite D.
  She's Gone Jon Pepin
  M.G Cha Cha (partner) Diane Jackson
  Body In Motion Peter Metelnick
  Down Louisiana Way Diana Dawson
  King Of The Road Pedro M. & Jo Thompson
  Chill Factor Daniel Whittaker & Harley W.
  Como Se Dice (I love You) Johnny Sheenan
  Having Fun Leonie Kouwenhoven
  Cha Cha For You Stella Wilden & Cheryl P.
  Clickety Clack Peter M. & Kathy H.
  Mony Mony Maggie Gallagher
  Country Roads Johnny Sheenan
  Play It Again Sam Stella Wilden
  Chomping At The Bit Larry Bass
  Traveling Chicago 4 Step Onbekend
  Festival Fun Cato Larssen
  C'mon Darlin Dynamite Dott
  Hoedendans Onbekend
  Bare Essentinals Carly Dimond
  666 Rob Fowler
  Enchantment Jo Thompson
  Moralito Samba Andrew Palmer & Simon C.
  Buck-It Ron Kresconco
  Magic !! Pascal Nooy
  Hot Potato John H. Robinson
  Jessico Chris Hodgson
  Let's Go Crazy Carmen Nooy
  Bowleggin' Barry & Tamela Baker
  Hold Your Horses A.T Kinson & Tom Mickers
  Barn Dance (Partner) Dick & Geneva Matteis
  What's Your Name Michael Barr
  Fenua Maohi E Derrick & Terry
  A Single Moment Aiden Montgomery
  Rose Of My Heart Billy Ray
  Dancing In The Dark Jo Thompson
  Special D Chris Peel
  Bahama Mama Max Perry
  Faiss Do Do Michaell Chandonnet
  Eatin' Right, Drinkin' Bad Max Perry
  Pauline's Waltz (Partner) Pauline Morgan
  El Paso Swing Onbekend
  Saloon Siccor Stomp Onbekend
  Ba-Bom-Bom Chris Hodgson
  Caribbean Calypso Patricia E. Stott
  "Hot Love" Maggie Gallagher
  Fly Like A Bird Hedy McAdams
  Live A Little (Leslee's Dance) Yvonne Hammond
  Brazilian Cha Cha (Partner) Shep Spinney
  Commitment John Sandham
  Drowsy Maggie Maggie Gallagher
  Hurricane Sal Gonzales
  Head Or Tails Barbara J. Manson
  Little Black Book (schaats) Onbekend
  Que Si, Que No Henry Damen
  Baby Come On! Kathy H. & Peter M.
  High Test Love Max Perry
  Jive Walkin' John H. Robinson
  Sally Lee Johnny Montana
  Jam Up & Jelly Tight Heleen O'Malley & Rob F.
  Cowboy Up! Shannon Finnegan
  The Hotfoot Scuffle John H. Robinson
  Double Trouble Raymond H. & Peter K.
  Contrast (Partner) Mark & Jan Caley
  The Happy Circle Judy McDonald
  West Coast Shuffle Greg U. & Donna N.
  Syncopated Rhythm Rob & Michelle Fowler
  Twist-Em Jo Thompson
  Redneck Girl Onbekend
  Prairie Strut Hedy McAdams
  Prodissy Michelle F. & Sally N.
  Madley Off In All Directions Michelle Perron
  K.T Rob Fowler
  Just A Minute Eddie E. & Lee B.
  Into The Arena Michael Vera-Lobos
  I Now Islands ??
  Addicted To Love Max Perry
  An Amazing Waltz Eddie Botton
  Digital Jam Janet Jolliffe
  Conrada Cha Cha Rob Ingenthron
  Just A Memory John Dean & Maggie G.
  Who Did You Call Darlin' Kevin & Maria Smith
  Tropical Breeze  Chriss Hodgon
  Ballymore Boys Dynamite Dot
  East Bound & Down 2000 Kathy Hunyadi
  What About Now The Silver Star, Baker Dozen
  That's My Story Claude E. Rose
  The Promise Liz Clarke
  Spring Valley Chriss Creamer
  All Together Now Sho Botham
  The Trail Judy McDonald
  Bread And Butter Roz Morgan
  Achy Breaky Dance Unknow
  Reet Petite The Lady In Black
  Pina Colada Cha Judy McDonald
  Three Step Boogie Unknown
  Hesitation Waltz Ernie Hutchinson
  Now Or Never Kathy Hunyadi
  Lamtarra Rhumba Tony Chapman
  Such A Night Yvonne van Loon
  Lucky Man (P Circle) Don Deyne
  Cajun Mambo Walk Max Perry
  Sweet Surrender Chris Hodgson
  Cripple Creek Kip Sweeney
  Shalala Dynamite Dot
  Wrong Night Rita M. Kyle
  All Shoock Up Naomi Fleetwood
  Mucara Walk John Steel
  Mardi-Gras Mambo Chris Hodgson
  Lightning Polka Peter Metelnick
  Louisianna Lou Chris Hodgon
  Pizziricco Dynamite Dot
  Jai Du Boogie Max Perry
  Quando When Quando Vera F. & Teresa L.
  Hearts And Flowers Adrian Churm
  Swing City Jive Linda & Hillbilly Rick
  Ridin'  Dave Ingram
  Break Free Al Gallagher
  Ain't Goin' Down Unknown
  Blue Rose Is Unknown
  Just For Grins Jo Thompson
  Scotia Samba Liz & Bev Clarcke
  Rodeo Princess (P) Jo Thompson & Tim Szymans
  The Scooch Jo Thompson
  Country Rock & Roll Waltz Jim & Daphne Anderson
  Shoot The Rooster Rob Fowler
  Horse Shoe Special (P) Unknown
  Contrast (P) Mark & Jan Caley
  Night Moves Jo Thompson


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